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The latest trend in wedding photography is the artful shot of your bridal gown, hanging on a stunning coat hanger. What those shots don't tell you, is how darn expensive those hangers can be!

 In our tutorial, we'll show you how to transform a simple, affordable wire coat hanger into a beaded beauty, in just 7 simple steps.

You will need- 

  • Wire Coat hanger
  • Beads or threadable embellishments of your choosing- Be sure the hole is wide enough to glide over the wire
  • Glue Gun
  • Side cutters/ wire cutters
  • Flower or other embellishment that can be glued at the rear, we've used a hairclip!


Using your hands, straighten out the neck of the hanger, then thread with beads, stopping 1/2 a length from the end of the wire stem.


Using your glue gun, place a small amount of glue on the end of the stem, quickly attach your final bead. Allow a few minutes to dry.


-Bend the neck back into place- as the wire hangers are quite pliable, you should be able to play around with it until you get a shape you're happy with. 

-Using your wire cutters, snip the base of the hanger in the centre.


Straighten the arms of the base, and thread with beads, pop a tiny dab of glue at the end to secure. 

Repeat on the other side.


Bend arms back into shape- you should be able to feel roughly where the bend was prior to straightening out your arms.


Using your glue gun, pop a dab of glue on one end, quickly add your bead. 

Glue the other side, then speedily connect the two ends, re-creating your hanger shape.


Affix embellishment to cover exposed coat hanger neck. You can use flowers, wrap jewellery, or tie lace or ribbon. 

Get creative!!!

VWALAH! One affordable hanger, perfect for bridesmaids dresses, and amazing wedding photography.


Comment below, or head to www.facebook.com/halloccasions and show us your version of our beaded DIY coat hanger!

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