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(and what the heck is bomboniere!??)


Hall Occasions exists because I have a devotion to creating. Each swing tag is lovingly designed, cut and printed by me, for you. Once perfection is achieved, your swing tags are posted.

(Oh- and bomboniere, otherwise known as favors / favours- is the little gifty bits and bobs you place on the table for your wedding guests like chocolate almonds, lollies, or even stubby coolers! )


If you cut, design and print all those tags yourself, how are your designs so affordable? !

I do it for the lurve baby! The rising costs of weddings have seen many go without the trimmings on their wedding day. As somebody who had an AMAZING low cost wedding (more to come on that later!), I feel it’s my duty to provide affordable bomboniere for brides! I simply couldn’t bear to charge any more. It is my goal to constantly provide luxury, elegant wedding tags, at wholesale prices. Feel free to head back to our home page and check out Hall Occasions low cost tags

What’s your favourite part of Hall Occasions?

Cliché warning!!!!!! It truly is the people I meet! I ADORE hearing from brides, and absolutely love chatting with you, providing quality, low cost wedding swing tag happiness is just the cherry on top.

Where did the name Hall Occasions come from?

That one’s easy- my last name is Hall, and it just seemed to fit! Big thanks to my superstar Dad who put two and two together came up with that one.

 Enough about Hall Occasions- who are you?

I’m Kate! Confirmed extrovert, mother of 2 male tiny humans, wife of the worlds best husband, and adopted Mum to Brutus the Bulldog (who lovingly helps me work each day). I grew up in a small country town (Manilla NSW), which saw me grow up to just love people. Country folk really do have an amazing perspective on life! Nowadays we call the best place on earth Ettalong Beach home, and it’s simply bliss. This is where you’ll find me, and Brutus the bulldog, designing just for you.



Where can I see more of you, you amazing beast


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