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Brilliant Wooden Wedding Signs to add perfection to your perfect day.

1. The wooden drop box. Used as an alternative to traditional wedding signature books, the ultimate in hot wedding trends right now, the wedding drop box is the absolute number one most popular item to be on trend for your wedding. Guests simply sign a wooden heart with their names, then drop it in the box! [...]

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Why Hashtags are the new disposable camera of weddings

If you're thinking of having disposable camera's on the tables at your weddings, you are (like me!) obviously stuck in "old school wedding" mode. More than 52% of Australian weddings are now using hashtags as a way to retrieve candid snaps of the night, and it's fabulous! By designing a hashtag, it allows guests to upload their [...]

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The Ultimate 50 Wedding thank you wording ideas and quotes to make your tags perfection.

Wedding tag quotes and wording can be a daunting task. I'm often asked for ideas when clients are ordering their tags for their nuptials. Some examples across the years show some recurring questions-  We want to thank our wedding guests with quotes that say "thank you for being here" , but have it a little cheeky [...]

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