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DIY wedding seating chart tutorial using a $10 frame!


How to make your own wooden frame and chicken wire seating chart for your wedding

There are loads of these tutorials out there teaching us how to make our own frame and get the wire attached.  

For this one where starting with a pre-made chicken wire chart from Spotlight- we picked this up for only $10, that's the every day price it wasn't even on sale!

I LOVE DIY for wedding projects, however sometimes you're going to save oodles of time and money by purchasing pre-manufactured and personalising it yourself. 

You're also going to save a lot of time by having your names pre-printed onto the small placecard tags.

Name tags of this exact size and colour can be found here

If you'd like to stain the wood frame, or paint it- do this prior to beginning.

My top tip for a white wedding is to spray paint the wire a metallic colour such as gold for a more elegant feel.

To view the video tutorial, please feel free to scroll to the bottom of this page

This is a super easy tutorial utilising premade products that you are able to personalise yourself.

You will need a few things to make your seating chart

– Your blackboard with chicken wire from Spotlight (or one you've made yourself from upcycled
– Twine, this can be any colour you choose , we've chosen to use a natural twine to match our Kraft tags
– Your printed (or handwritten) place card tags with your guests names and table numbers
– Scissors
– Some craft glue
– Chalk or a personalised sticker for your welcome message
– About an hour of your time

It's always a good idea to try and stay a little bit organised when you make your wedding craft.

The first thing you should do is to sort your names and tables out and make sure you don't have so
many on a table that they won't fit on the wire. Just check the table that has the most guests on it
to be sure the wire section is large enough for your needs without it looking cramped.

Next you want to cut your lengths of twine slightly wider than the wire frame- allowing around 10 cm of
overhang at each end (if not a little bit more).

You may want to tie these these overhang pieces into a bow later so be sure to keep that in mind when cutting your twine lengths.

Repeat this you will need the same amount of twine as you have tables. Don't worry if all the
lengths are not exactly the same- just go for an approximate sizing, you're going to trim it up later.

Once your twine is cut, lay your table numbers down on the wooden frame and evenly space
them out. Remember that you want it to be obvious who's on what table so a little bit of space in
between each number is recommended

Take one length of twine and tie it directly beside the first number, then thread your name tags on
for that table, making sure they will end up facing the correct way. Pull that line of twine tight and tie at the
other end directly opposite your first knot (so you end up with a nice straight line). If you have the room, slightly droopy twine also looks fine. 

Repeat for all of your tables.

Next you'll want to get rid of your excess twine.

I adore the look of tying the excess into a bow- however it's totally up to you what look you're going for
to suit the theme of your wedding day. 

Snip it off or add further in embellishments here, such as some small flowers, diamontes, or introduce a colour of your choosing to match your wedding colour theme.

To complete your wedding seating chart, simply add your welcome message to the
blackboard. In our video below we've used white stickers for a clean look, however you could simply write
something in chalk to keep it super affordable.

All in all you should find this project a very easy DIY craft project for your wedding that will have
a huge impact when welcoming your guest to your reception.

I would LOVE to see the creations that you've come up with for your wedding! Add a comment
below, email us, will send it through to our Facebook page.

Happy wedding crafting everyone!

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