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Romance Awareness Month 7 day Challenge - August 2016 by Hall Occasions

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What is Romance awareness month I hear you ask? 

Romance awareness month is a time to reflect and reconnect with not only your partner, but also with yourself.

With that in mind, Hall Occasions developed a simple, 7 day romance challenge to help you have a little fun whilst you're reconnecting with your romantic side! 

This doesn't need to be a vomit-worthy experience, you don't need to be all mushy and start calling your partner " boo-boo" every second. 

This is purely to look back on the WHY of your relationship, and get some fun times happening again (or to simply amp- up the romance you're already rocking). Taking just a few moments each day to truly connect with the special partner in your life may just be a game changer.

The days are broken down into a simple task each day with the themes as follows

  • Day 1-Self reflection
  • Day 2- Unplug
  • Day 3- Touch
  • Day 4 -Check in
  • Day 5- Crack a beer
  • Day 6- Sexy time
  • Day 7- Time out

Day 1 

Self reflection- Be a pineapple day

Take some time to reflect on your own insides. How do you feel about YOU? It's time to stand tall, put on some killer heels, dust that crown off and start strutting through life. This begins today people. You are amazing. X

Day 2


Screens off people! Your simple task for today is to get your hand off it! Tonight- itake atleast an hour where nstead of reaching for facebook- look around for some conversation instead. You'll be amazed what you find is right in front of you. X

Day 3


Hold hands.

Some days I feel like all I want is to be left alone. Don't touch me- the whole world has needed me today, I want my space. However small- physical connection is an amazing replenisher, even when we think we don't need it. A small touch can help join you, even if you choose to sit in silence. So tonight (or whenever you get the chance), do it. Reach out, make a simple touch, and hold hands. Make the first move on this- take note of how it truly makes you feel. X

Day 4

Check in

Do a " Weather report" on each other. Call up- out of the blue, and check in with how your partners day is going. Let them know you're thinking of them, and that the most important thing in your day, is making sure you share in theirs. X

Day 5

Crack a beer

When I launched this challenge, today coincided with world beer day (Friday August 5th) . Even if you're doing this out of sequence-  I'd encourage you to get into the spirit of today and pick up your favourite brew and celebrate your own liquid appreciation day!

Connect today with conversation, laughter and embrace the theme of the day! Pick up some of your favourite brew, put your feet up with your partner, unplug for a while, clink your glasses and say Cheers!

Day 6

 Sexy time

This one's pretty simple! Have sex. 

I seriously don't know how in this day and age of un-censored society how it's still a little bit of a giggle to chat about this.When I say sex I don't mean " connect how you feel comfortable" I mean have a shag!  It's fun and makes us feel great- so why not!
Today I encourage you to cast it all aside. You are an unbelievable creature, your partner chose for a reason! What makes you feel sexy? What are some of the crazy things you did at the start of your relationship? Crack out all the tricks today folks, whatever floats your boat, get it ON!

Day 7


Take time today to see how you TRULY feel about your relationship. Has it been nice this week getting back to your roots? Can you make the commitment to carrying out simple acts each day to show you care?

How do you want to continue your journey? The choice is up to you. 

Thank you for coming on this trip with me in celebration of romance, and the joy that it is to share your life with someone. I look forward to hearing some great stories!

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