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The Ultimate 50 Wedding thank you wording ideas and quotes to make your tags perfection.

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Wedding tag quotes and wording can be a daunting task. I'm often asked for ideas when clients are ordering their tags for their nuptials. Some examples across the years show some recurring questions-  

  • We want to thank our wedding guests with quotes that say "thank you for being here" , but have it a little cheeky to reflect our personalities.  
  • What should I put on some lolly favours?
  •  Do you have an idea on some wedding quotes for honey bomboniere?
  • What's some wording to match vintage keys?
  • What's the best classic wedding wording to simply say "thankyou" ? 

My hot tip? Keep the phrasing simple.

 Your guests love you, they'll hear the gratitude in your speech, they want to enjoy the big day, a sweet, simple thank you, says it all. After years of designing tags, I decided to put together a list of some of my all time favourites. 50 options for wedding wording, to say thank you, fifty different ways. 

Right. Let's get started- happy thank you  wedding quote shopping! Enjoy!!!! 

Giving guests Lolly, Honey or sweet treat favours? Get your ideas here!

Love is Sweet Tags

1. Love is Sweet. Thank you for making our day complete. 

2. Thank you for making our special day sweet!

3. A sweet thank you, from us to you, on the day, we said "I do". 

4. Thanks for "Bean" here (hehe, great for Jelly beans!)

5. Thank you for sharing in our sweet beginning. 

6. Love is sweet, take home a treat, you've made our special day complete

7. How sweet is is, Steve & Kate, 24/04/18 (eg)

8. What we love most about these sweets, is who we share them with. 

9. Meant to Bee. Steve & Kate , 24/4/18 ( a very popular option for honey bomboniere!)

10. Thank you for making our special day sweet, at the end of the night, please take home a treat!

11. Jam Packed with love

12. Spread the love

Already found your wording? Now it's as easy as choosing your tag style here

Looking for a simple "thank you for coming"? Read along here-

13.Thank you, Bride & Groom names, date. 

14. Thank you, you are our favourite people. 

15. Thanks for partying with us!

16. A big thanks for celebrating with us

17. Love & Thanks, Bride & Groom names, date. 

18. Thank you for sharing our first meal as "Mr & Mrs bride & Groom names"

19. Thank you. (Duh!)

20. Hugs & Kisses, a promise to treasure, thank you for sharing, our first day of forever.

21. with love, *Bride & groom names* , date

Giving a living favour such as plant bomboniere? Have a think about these cuties! 

22. All things grow with love. 

23. Let love grow. 

24. How lovely is the silence of growing things. 

25. Love makes all things grow

26. Watch our love grow (perfection when giving seedlings!)

27. Love is where you plant it. 

28. Please plant these seeds and watch them bloom, just like the love of the bride and groom

Hot tip! Living favours work wonderfully on our Kraft Brown tags, check them out here

Alcohol Quotes! 

I freaking LOVE the idea of miniature spirits or wine bottles at weddings, here's some of my fave words I've done over the years for the party weddings

29. Alcohol. Because no great story started with a salad

30. Take a shot, we tied the knot!

31. A shot of love for you now we are two!

32. Trust me, you can dance. Sincerely,  Alcohol. 

33. The hangover only lasts a day, the memories last a lifetime!

34. Time to drink champagne, and dance on the tables. 

And now for the classics

For some, living the fairy tale is the ultimate. Share your love on your gift tags with the following words. 

35. And they lived happily ever after. 

36. A heart full of love, a life full of kisses, now "bride and groom" are Mr & Mrs!

37. All because two people fell in love. 

38. Grow old with me, the best is yet to be. 

39. He stole my heart, I stole his last name. Mr & Mrs "surname" 25/04/18

40. And now, you have my whole heart, for my whole life.

41. You are my happy

42. Love. Is the ultimate adventure. 

43. It's by your side, I make my home

44. I have found the one, whom my soul loves.  

45. You're pretty much my favourite person in the history of ever. 

46. When I look at you, I can feel it. When I look at you, I'm home. 

47. Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordingary life, love gives us a fairy tale. 

48. Happily ever after starts here. 

49. And so, the adventure begins. 

50. Always & Forever , bride and groom names .

Got your list ready to go? AWESOME! The next step is selecting a tag style and colour, easy peasy when you click here.

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